ReLeasT - 'the Lord sets prisoners free' - Psalm 146:7
Who is ReLeasT?
ReLeasT is a diverse group who share the same mission
of heart - to assist people in dysfunction to come to know
new life available through a personal relationship with God. 

Some of our ministry leaders and volunteers have been
previously incarcerated, addicted and living lives of total
dysfunction.  BUT God came in and saved them from the
wreckage of their past lives and uses it to minister to
people currently in those lifestyles.

 ReLeasT primarily shares the love of God and the 
Hope in Jesus Christ with the sometimes lost and 
forgotten members of society...the incarcerated...
but will go wherever God calls them. 
 Mission Statement:

ReLeasT is a non-denominational Christian ministry
devoted to releasing the imprisoned population from
the bonds of sin through the power of Jesus Christ.

Steve Collins & Diane Good-Collins
Founders & Captives Set Free

ReLeasT original
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 ReLeasT...a hand up, not a hand out!