ReLeasT -                "the Lord sets prisoners free"  Psalm 146:7
ReLeasT Lifehouse
The ReLeasT Lifehouse is for women in transition - 
whether it be from jail, prison, treatment facilities,
addictions or unhealthy relationships. 
 Women who reside at Lifehouse work, worship,
serve and are mentored in the community of Nebraska City. 
They are required to participate in programming, seek employment,
volunteer, and work toward self-sufficiency.  
Some pursue a GED, while others pursue a college education.
Some concentrate on rebuilding relationships, while some
engage in healthy relationships for the first time in their lives. 
Some work on building a positive support system, while others
may already have a support team in place.  Some come with
nothing but what is in their hands, while others may have more. 
Regardless of what each individual's transition looks like,
they ALL pursue the life God has called them to live at Lifehouse.  
ReLeasT, with the support of countless community
members and committed volunteers, will walk
alongside these women and offer them support,
encouragement and, most importantly,
the love of God! 
 ReLeasT Lifehouse is for women
who want to make real life change!
If you are interested in Lifehouse
for yourself or someone you know,
 ReLeasT...a hand up, not a hand out!